Sunday, August 30, 2009

My first posting

This is my first posting on my art blog. What an intimidating and humbling experience...But, here goes...

 I started teaching myself watercolor painting about 2.5 years ago. Watercolor painting has turned into a passion. I love the transparency, the light, the unpredictable color blending that occurs on the watercolor paper. My favorite inspiration is the city of Venice, that jewel of the Adriatic: after three weeks in that city over the last 18 months, I have hundreds of my own photo references just waiting to be painted. I am currently working on a series of Venice paintings called (not too creatively) "Memories of Venice".

Here is my favorite painting of that series:
Venetian Doorway.
Arches watercolor paper 140 lb Cold Press
W&N and Da Vinci professional grade watercolor paints,
Approx. 14” X 19”
Original in private collection.
 The intricate metalwork, the textures of the crumbling brickwork, the unique green of the canal waters under that very special Venice light…all this fading beauty called to be painted.
This painting was done in a modified poured technique which allows colors to mix beautifully.
Venetian Doorway was recently featured in three groups of Red Bubble. Several other Venetian paintings can be seen on my website.


  1. How lucky I am to leave you your first comment! Loving your blog already. This is a wonderfully vibrant painting and I love the title of your series! I really love the pouring technique. Maybe you can do a demo for us on Painting Friends!

  2. Thank you Deb! This feels like a housewarming.

    I could certainly do a step-by-step wip on Painting Friends to show my process...a very messy process:-)

  3. hey christiane,, isn't this fun!!!?? love your blog.. and your painting, is awesome.!!!. i think you'll enjoy blogging.. super neat folks and wonderful shared information!!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog.. i'll add your blog on my blog roll!!!
    have fun!!!

  4. Christiane, welcome to the blogosphere!
    What a wonderful first post! Don’t be intimidated or scared!
    You have made a great start - Venice begs to be painted, I have visited her a number of times and never tire to be embraced by her charm and your painting ‘Venetian Doorway’ the first in your series Memories of Venice is beautiful! There will never be another like her, so I can understand your fascination for the delightful doorways which flank her canals.
    Some of us are never the same after a ‘dip into watercolour’ – I guess like Venice…you can go forever exploring and will always come back for more.
    I will enjoy revisiting her through your charming series.

  5. ps.. thank you for including me as a link in your blog roll.. i'm honoured

  6. Christiane, your blog is lovely and I am taken with those doors. Keep making time for your art - even 15 minutes a day. And keep seeing those paintings in your mind and your dreams - they will come true if you give them life :) I would love to add you to my blogroll as I always am so excited to find new watercolor artists who are on this journey with me!

  7. Rhonda,
    Thank you very much for your comments, especially the one about the "doors": these doors will be at the center of my next posting since I have been wondering if I should continue with them or not.
    I would be honored to be added to your blogroll, Rhonda.